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Dairy Farming, John Deere, Field Hockey, Canada and Me.

Every once in a while someone will ask you about the things that are important to you and if you take the time to share your thoughts and how you feel you’re making good use of your time. So when Wendell Schumm wanted to pick my brain as an “American Dairy Farmer” for his Ontario AgCast I said, “Yes.”

So he asked me questions and I gave him my answers. I listened to the things he had to say and we shared some conversation and thoughts. I have my opinions, he has his. He now knows me better, and I know him better and along the way I shared a look at some of the pieces and parts of agriculture, dairy farming and me.

I was interviewed.
I answered questions.
I voiced my opinions.
I shared my life.
I promoted my brand.
I defended my way of life.
I trash talked the Canadian hockey team (kinda, but in a really polite way…like a Canadian, though I’m not actually Canadian)
Some might even say I agvocated. So sue me. Or vilify me. Or hey, go on a rant, use your sarcasm font, and generally lose your mind because of one simple word like “agvocate”.

Or…maybe you could worry less about semantics, spend a little less time micro managing the definition of a word and invest a little bit more time and energy into the actual action of listening, sharing, and conversation. Whether you call it advocacy, agvocacy, or activism I don’t care and really, nobody does.

So give a listen to a conversation about some of the things that make me tick, some of the things that tick me off, and some of the things that make my world go ’round like John Deere tractors, Cabot Cheese, Field Hockey and even Canada. At the end of the listen you will know a little bit more about me and that’s the whole point, because the more we share and the more we know, the more opportunity we all have to make our world go ’round a little better.

Let me, and the world, know what you think!

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