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Choosing Hope and Finding Community.

As farmers our strength is our community, and we are more than willing to return that favour by being the backbone of our communities.

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The Long Way Home.

Sometimes, taking the long way home is exactly what's needed.

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Deere Dad.

For those with us, for those who have left us, for those who stepped up, and for those who never wavered, Happy Father’s Day.

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Giving Tuesday.

Being a part of Giving Tuesday is as easy as giving your neighbour a hand. Giving a stranger a smile. Giving your time to those who need it. Giving your experience to those who can learn from it.

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A Day for Fathers. 

The one you can hitch your wagon to. The one who leads you where you need to go. The one who shows you how to hitch your own wagon. 
They may not be your dad but they raised you. They may not be here still but they guide you. It may not have always been perfect, but it was always perfectly okay because the ones we trust and the ones who trust us to learn are the ones we celebrate. 
So for those with us; for those who have left us; for those who stepped up and for those who never wavered, Happy Father’s Day. 

…and thanks for helping me get where I needed to go, Dad. 


I am an agvocate 365.

There is nothing wrong with being a good advocate. There is nothing wrong with being passionate. And ...there is nothing wrong with being a good farmer.

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Just Smile.

...along with all the blessings of being a farmer there are the heartaches and pain that sometimes drown out all the good things. But because we are farmers we don't step back long because it's okay to get riled up. It's more than okay to fight for what's right. It is never wrong to protect your own, we just have to do it between milkings and after the crops are in... and we have to remember to #justsmile.

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