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Posts from the ‘dairy farms’ Category

Choosing Hope and Finding Community.

As farmers our strength is our community, and we are more than willing to return that favour by being the backbone of our communities.

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Team Dinners, Cow Bells and The Hometown Team

No Bulldog has every gone hungry the night before a game...those scrappy, tough, never give up even when the cards are stacked against them Bulldogs.

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Dairy Farming, John Deere, Field Hockey, Canada and Me.

"the more we share, the more we know, the more opportunity we all have to make our world go 'round a little better."

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It Shouldn’t Be This Hard.

In our society of choice there shouldn't be agonizing decision making fraught with fear just to put food on the table. Choosing it, trusting it...that should all be easy...It shouldn't be this hard.

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Just Smile.

...along with all the blessings of being a farmer there are the heartaches and pain that sometimes drown out all the good things. But because we are farmers we don't step back long because it's okay to get riled up. It's more than okay to fight for what's right. It is never wrong to protect your own, we just have to do it between milkings and after the crops are in... and we have to remember to #justsmile.

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