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Just Ask Me.

I'm their farmer. I will tell you the truth. It may not be the truth you want because sometimes it isn't pretty and sometimes it's messy, but I will tell you and you will know the truth. Just ask me.

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This Man I Did Not Know.

...all that I know to be right, just and free I owe to many I do not know.

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Your Loudest Voice.

America is full of opinions. And that is perfectly okay, in fact, it is almost perfect that those of us known world wide for our loud and gregarious opinions are also known for the not always perfect in practice, but always exquisite in concept framework of democracy and the accompanying elections.

Whether we cast our votes with paper or buttons or in town halls or precinct garages in America the most difficult encumbrance to making our voice heard is weather and our own apathy. We are fatigued by advertising campaigns and beleaguered by the endless mailings and phone calls vying for our votes and tugging at our emotions with carefully parsed talking points that are high on rhetoric and low on facts. But there are no land mines; no armed bands of government soldiers or vigilantes; there are no threats of death or punishment and despite the furor and frothing of the mouth of many a pundit and candidate during the campaign season there is no threat of chaos when the votes are counted.There is a requirement to collect campaign signs and the hangover of a long mid-term campaign season that will end swiftly as the next Presidential campaign kicks into high gear. In all honesty, like pretty much everything else in America, the path to voting is an easy one and generations upon generations have spent their time, blood and lives ensuring that it remains an easy one.

Speak with your loudest voice-YOUR VOTE!

Speak with your loudest voice-YOUR VOTE!

So are you voting today? You have opinions. You have a choice. You have the right. But do you have what it takes to push a button; pick up a pen? Do you have what it takes to make a choice? Do you have what it takes to be American with all those opinions? Do you have what it takes to speak your mind with your loudest voice?

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