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Resolve to BE…v.2019

As 2015 came to a close I did what perhaps 92.7% of us do: I pulled a statistic out of thin air to bolster and rationalize my actions and looked back 365 to take stock of how I measured up to my own expectations. In doing so I came across this wee, anti-resolutions manifesto that I scribbled out in the early morning hours of the first day of 2015. And here I am now, on Day One of 2019, once again rehashing and reviewing this little declaration. Back at the start of 2016, after a year’s worth of hindsight, I had realized these 3 things, and 3 years later almost all still apply:

  1. Nothing has Changed: I can still BE all that I want. Being a better person always applies.
  2. Success Doesn’t Have a Deadline: I may have accomplished what I had intended but that doesn’t mean these goals are checked off the list. I am proud of resolving to be all of these things and more, and doing so successfully. But, like me, it is a work in progress.
  3. Parking Tickets: I have absolutely no recollection of actually paying those parking tickets…that might pose to be a problem in the future.

And, as a year of life usually does, 2018 provided me with some prime tidbits of knowledge about myself that I had, for nigh on 47 years been blissfully unawares:

    • I’m not a good enough feminist.
    • I’m not a real farmer.
    • I’m not part of the right size farm.
    • I have “issues”.

I’m just gonna come right out and say that these prime tidbits of 2018 are complete bullshit.

Basically, much of this past year has been about others pointing out all the things I am not, and for a while there I will admit to have bought into it all. But, no longer. I am a damn  fine feminist, I am as real as they come, my farm fits my family just fine, and you are god damn right I have issues. I have issues with people who want to preach and not practice; block out dissent and critical thinkers; weave together dissertations simply to sow discontent; pass judgement without understanding. Oh yes, I have issues.

The fact is, that for me, 2018 could have been all about the things I am not, but it turns out it was a year about all the things I am and everything I can be. 2019 will be more of that. More of me. More of me being me.

I may have ended 2018 down and struggling but I’m coming out swinging at the start of 2019.

I don’t need resolutions, I just need to be resolved because the best years are the ones we live fearlessly.

*Also, 2018 was the year that I finally paid that Portland parking ticket. I can neither confirm or deny any information regarding the possibility of an outstanding ticket in Boston.

So, Gentle Reader, here I am, indulging myself and sharing this piece again with a few minor tweaks where appropriate, if only to serve as a reminder to me that I don’t need resolutions, I just need to be resolved.

…resolved to BE.


Resolutions so often become “To Do Lists” or “Wish Lists” and while a singular task may accomplish your “to do” list, who you are can make your world a better place. It’s a new year…resolve to Be, not just Do.

1) Resolve to BE a giver. Give of your time, your money (if you can), and of your gifts. We all have gifts we can share. Be the person who recognizes what they have to give and just BE that person.

2) Resolve to BE an advocate. Stand up for yourself. Stand up for your craft. Stand up for your beliefs. Stand up for the people who cannot speak for themselves…and remember that “advocate” ( and “agvocate”) is a verb too.

3) Resolve to BE a BETTER advocate. There is no point in being anything if you cannot be BETTER. Be more focused on what you want to say. Be more present when the conversation is about what you care about. Be more respectful of the opinions of others. Be more concerned with advocating your beliefs and your cause than promoting yourself or insulting those who believe differently.

4) Resolve to BE happy. Ain’t nobody gonna put your happiness at the top of their list if you don’t put it at the top of yours.

Listening to the truth will never steer your heart wrong. Be happy and be strong.

Listening to the truth will never steer your heart wrong. Be happy and be strong.

We can all draft a list of resolutions we hope to accomplish, or wish to come true, but after 365 days go by you are left with a list that may or may not have all the boxes ticked and maybe, just maybe you’ll have a sense of accomplishment. Maybe. But, if you resolve to be a giver, an advocate, and to be happy you are giving the world a better you and make the world a better place.

…might I also suggest resolving to BE the person who pays their parking tickets. The cities of Boston and Portland would, in turn, resolve to BE more welcoming. (this last bit may, or may not apply to the public at large)

Folks, kick some ass and kick the trash to the curb in 2019.

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  1. Keith #

    Here’s to a happy, healthy, and successful 2019! BE yourself!


    1 January, 2019
  2. Jan M Sensenich #

    Just finally read this. Can’t wait to see what you write about 2020.

    Definitely agree the best years are ones we decide to live fearlessly. Thats always an available choice. Its always up to us to choose it.


    15 December, 2020

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