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Posts tagged ‘Maine’

Dairy Farming, John Deere, Field Hockey, Canada and Me.

"the more we share, the more we know, the more opportunity we all have to make our world go 'round a little better."

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Family at the Table.

When family finds its way to the table for the holiday reward them with Billie Jo Krebs' Blueberry-Lemon Cheesecake Squares.

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A Day for Veterans.

So on this eleventh day of the eleventh month we pause to remember all who have served; those still with us and those who are not; some whose names are on signs and some whose names are forgotten. We may forget their names but we cannot forget their sacrifice and duty.

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This Man I Did Not Know.

His years of sacrifice, service and devotion are not wasted and certainly not forgotten. ... all that I know to be right, just and free I owe to all those names and faces I never knew…including this man I did not know.

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It’s a Well Deserved, Wonderful Life.

It is, indeed, a well deserved, wonderful life for we dairy farmers, milk truck drivers and everyone who works to get our milk to your table.

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