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Gimme the Jimmies.

Summer is all those lazy days of thinking about back then. Back when we were young.

When we were chasing fireflies, chasing sunsets, chasing never-ending days….

…and ice cream.


Back when you wanted to be the one to turn the crank.  Until your arm was dog tired and you could just taste that creamy, icy bit of summer on your tongue.



When imagination sparked endless adventures in the day and a spark lit up the night.


 Summer is what ice cream was made for and while some flavours bring back the memories of summers long ago the chance to try something new is always an opportunity to make new memories.

This Dark Chocolate & Ginger Greek Yogurt Ice Cream from Cabot Creamery Cooperative is one of those ways to take the nostalgia of chocolate and make it an adventure by the addition of ginger. Because Summer should always have ice cream.


Ice cream should always have jimmies. Always.


And Summer should be enjoyed until the last firefly lets the light go out, the sun sets low, the endless day almost ends and of course, until the cows come home.



I’m not the only person reminiscing about ice cream this month. Visit their pages to read more about ice cream, summer and cows. 

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  1. Yes! Ice cream and all the summer memories. I love your retrospection, Jenni.

    Liked by 1 person

    15 July, 2016
    • Thanks Sadie! Just when I think I couldn’t love cows or summer more I have some amazing ice cream and I love it all even more 🙂


      15 July, 2016

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