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Family at the Table.

When family finds its way to the table for the holiday reward them with Billie Jo Krebs' Blueberry-Lemon Cheesecake Squares.

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Giving Tuesday.

Being a part of Giving Tuesday is as easy as giving your neighbour a hand. Giving a stranger a smile. Giving your time to those who need it. Giving your experience to those who can learn from it.

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A Day for Veterans.

So on this eleventh day of the eleventh month we pause to remember all who have served; those still with us and those who are not; some whose names are on signs and some whose names are forgotten. We may forget their names but we cannot forget their sacrifice and duty.

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This Man I Did Not Know.

His years of sacrifice, service and devotion are not wasted and certainly not forgotten. ... all that I know to be right, just and free I owe to all those names and faces I never knew…including this man I did not know.

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A Day for Fathers. 

The one you can hitch your wagon to. The one who leads you where you need to go. The one who shows you how to hitch your own wagon. 
They may not be your dad but they raised you. They may not be here still but they guide you. It may not have always been perfect, but it was always perfectly okay because the ones we trust and the ones who trust us to learn are the ones we celebrate. 
So for those with us; for those who have left us; for those who stepped up and for those who never wavered, Happy Father’s Day. 

…and thanks for helping me get where I needed to go, Dad. 


A Day For Mothers. 

Just like every other day of the year the moms on our family farm will be feeding, milking and caring for our cows, tending the crops and of course raising the next generation, because every day is Mother’s Day on the family farm. So thank you to all the moms that are part of our farm family and moms everywhere….and special thanks to those mamas raising their boys and girls to be farmers.  

Is Organic Farming Anti-Science?

In a world where advertising, self promotion and failure to see the big picture muddies the waters for farmers and consumers alike Julaine boils it all down…like a rockstar.

In Udder News...

This question has been weighing on my mind recently. For the past several weeks, I’ve read several different opinions and assumptions that farming organically means that scientific knowledge and research is thrown out the window. I’ve also heard opinions that organic farming is not as innovative as conventional farming. In addition to this, I’ve seen organic consumers being shamed for purchasing products (supposedly) produced in a manner not supported by scientific research. Now, as an organic farmer, allow me to try to explain why I believe that these assumptions are neither accurate nor warranted. Here’s why:

When I take stock of our farm practices on our transitional organic dairy farm, I find that I can say with emphasis that I firmly believe that organic farming is just as science based and as innovative as conventional farming, especially in these three areas: sustainability, animal welfare, and technology.

*Disclaimer: this…

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Born to Be.

Who were you Born to Be? I may not have been born a dairy farmer, but I was born to be one.

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Just Three Things…Badgers, School of Funk, and Being Heard

Just Three Things...Badgers, School of Funk, and Being Heard

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The Audacity to Talk About the Science.

If they are willing and wanting to silence the farmer, and if they are desperate to silence the scientist, then who is it that is supposed to speak?
...Someone with the audacity to talk about the Science.

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