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Is Organic Farming Anti-Science?

In a world where advertising, self promotion and failure to see the big picture muddies the waters for farmers and consumers alike Julaine boils it all down…like a rockstar.

In Udder News...

This question has been weighing on my mind recently. For the past several weeks, I’ve read several different opinions and assumptions that farming organically means that scientific knowledge and research is thrown out the window. I’ve also heard opinions that organic farming is not as innovative as conventional farming. In addition to this, I’ve seen organic consumers being shamed for purchasing products (supposedly) produced in a manner not supported by scientific research. Now, as an organic farmer, allow me to try to explain why I believe that these assumptions are neither accurate nor warranted. Here’s why:

When I take stock of our farm practices on our transitional organic dairy farm, I find that I can say with emphasis that I firmly believe that organic farming is just as science based and as innovative as conventional farming, especially in these three areas: sustainability, animal welfare, and technology.

*Disclaimer: this…

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