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Posts tagged ‘cabotfarmers’

Deere Dad.

So for those with us, for those who have left us, for those who stepped up, and for those who stumbled and those who never wavered, Happy Father’s Day.

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Just Three Things…

Just Three Things: Basketball, Living the Dream in New Zealand, and Witch Hunts..

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Waste and Want.

Food waste is an integral part of the sustainability conversation for farmers, not only as a renewable energy source but also as part of the solution for hunger in a time where we farmers truly are capable of feeding the world.

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Cougars and Cows.

Every town has its team and something to make them special. It just so happens that Dixfield, Maine has its Cougars and its cows.

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Just Ask Me.

I'm their farmer. I will tell you the truth. It may not be the truth you want because sometimes it isn't pretty and sometimes it's messy, but I will tell you and you will know the truth. Just ask me.

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