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This Man I Did Not Know.

His years of sacrifice, service and devotion are not wasted and certainly not forgotten. ... all that I know to be right, just and free I owe to all those names and faces I never knew…including this man I did not know.

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A Day For Mothers. 

Just like every other day of the year the moms on our family farm will be feeding, milking and caring for our cows, tending the crops and of course raising the next generation, because every day is Mother’s Day on the family farm. So thank you to all the moms that are part of our farm family and moms everywhere….and special thanks to those mamas raising their boys and girls to be farmers.  

Just Three Things…

Just these three things before you put the weekend behind you and start your week...

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Cougars and Cows.

Every town has its team and something to make them special. It just so happens that Dixfield, Maine has its Cougars and its cows.

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Just Ask Me.

I'm their farmer. I will tell you the truth. It may not be the truth you want because sometimes it isn't pretty and sometimes it's messy, but I will tell you and you will know the truth. Just ask me.

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